Sure ... It is still ink on paper, but we hand mix inks and press them carefully (with a few tons of cast iron!).

It starts with the design, which converts to plates and reaches the press, a classic Chandler & Price, from 1890. Then comes the inking, paper adjustment, correcting printing errors and finally your first letterpress piece...

An image that you can feel, touch, sense the relief, shape, depth ... A heavy paper, textured, with cotton moisture and odor ...Rich, thick, organic ink ... If Letterpress were food it would be like chocolate ... and feel like velvet.

Ideal for: wedding invitations with a twist, customized business cards, invitations ... It also is widely used in clothing labels and wines ... Or whatever you can think of you want to print.

Everything comes down to the first impression? Yes ..

And moreover... making a good and lasting impression? Yes ..

Letterpress is new and old at the same time, is the revival of the traditional boosted with modern design. And's so cute!